Hong Kong Automation Technology Council(“HKATC”) has been established on 28th July, 2015 as Group 32 under the auspices of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries , which includes enterprises specializing in production and process automation, related electrical and electronic systems, automation software and robotics.

HKATC aims to facilitate and keep abreast of automation development of industries. Apart from costs, Hong Kong industries need to deal with other imminent issues like enhancing product quality, stability and productivity. As the Mainland promotes “Made in China 2025”, a Chinese version of the Industry 4.0, and the “One Belt, One Road ” strategy, Hong Kong industries should adopt a positive attitude and innovative thinking in order to tap into these arising opportunities. Industrial automation, which partly ameliorates the acute demand for talent and at the same time enhances productivity and stability, could be a solution to the above. Given the continuous increase in labor cost and the need to increase efficiency, many manufacturers are investing more in automation in order to reduce labor cost and increase productivity.

HKATC consists of expertise from different backgrounds, and devoted to organize various activities for members, aims at leveraging the opportunity to work with other members to enhance communications and co-operations. Through seminars, tours and other activities organized by the FHKI, the council would provide members with suitable automation solutions to complement intelligent manufacturing in the coming years.

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