FHKI Group 4 & HKATC Seminar on HK Industry 4.0 – Towards Intelligent Automation

Date : 30 November 2015 (Mon)

With spiraling wages and a dwindling working age population, manufacturers are facing challenges of cost control and production efficiency. While consumers are having acute demand for products, superior quality control and production stability become critical for operation. Intelligent automation, therefore, would be the primary business strategy to ameliorate the competitive edge. In view of this, FHKI Group 4 (Electrical Products) and the Hong Kong Automation Technology Council (“HKATC”, FHKI Group 32) had co-organized a seminar on "Hong Kong Industry 4.0 - Towards Intelligent Automation". Apart from introduction of Hong Kong Industry 4.0, HKATC corporate members shared information of automation solutions to FHKI members, including robotics, software applications, RFID and digitalized process control applicable to various manufacturing industries and business models.