FHK Group 32 (Hong Kong Automation Technology Council) has successfully held the webinar on “Industrial Internet of Things and Application of Smart Energy Management” on August 20, 2020. Guest-speaker Mr Joe Chak, director of Hang Kei Engineering Service Limited, was invited to share the applications of IIoT and how the energy management systems worked on electrical devices with real-life examples.

The application level of the Internet of Things has undeniably been more extensive, while "energy management" is one of its immediate application fields. Energy management is not only considered to be an environmental issue, but can also be an effective means to control business operating costs by enabling corporates to monitor the real-time energy usage status, and thus providing effective data for energy conservation and emission reduction.

The guest-speaker Mr Joe Chak shared their experiences with members on how Hang Kei has brought Industry 4.0 into the traditional power installations of local buildings through optimizing and enhancing the safety, practicability, and energy efficiency of the power system.