Webinar on “AI related ownership and technology licensing legal issues”

FHKI Group 32 (Hong Kong Automation Technology Council) has successfully held the webinar on “AI related ownership and technology licensing legal issues” on September 23, 2020. Guest-speaker Mr Charles To and Mr James Cho, Partner and Senior Associate of Ella Cheong & Alan Chiu, Solicitors & Notaries, were invited to share the related issues. Representative from Intellectual Property Centre was also present to introduce our members the one-stop IP consultation and registration service platform of FHKI.

The rapid development and broad application of AI technology in recent years has aroused concerns on legal issues especially the intellectual property rights. To tackle the IP challenges faced by AI-related creations, it’s of foremost importance in setting appropriate criteria of patent protection, and to protect the legal interests of relevant parties.

Mr Charles To and Mr James Cho shared from legal perspective the IP issue of inventorship, ownership & transferability and infringement of AI inventions with real-life cases. HKATC hopes that the webinar could serve as a platform for members to increase their understandings on the importance of AI intellectual property protection.

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