Webinar on Digital Twins: Tools and Applications in Advanced Manufacturing (Chinese Version Only)

FHKI Group 32 (Hong Kong Automation Technology Council) has successfully held the webinar on “Digital Twins: Tools and Applications in Advanced Manufacturing” on 8 April, 2021. Guest-speaker Dr John Koo (ASTRI),  Mr Victor Yee (IBM Technology) and Mr Albert Yuen (Siemens Digital Industries Software) were invited to share insights on this topic with members.

Digitalisation has fundamentally transformed the high-tech manufacturing industry to newer and more agile processes in recent years. Industrialists are looking to optimise the product life cycle to shorten the time-to-market, reduce development costs, enhance quality standards, and outperform in competitions.

Our guest-speakers shared their experiences with members on different forms of "digital twins" applied in engineering and operations, and how the industry benefits particularly in the areas of equipment design and assets management.

Webinar can be replayed Here ( Chinese version only ).