Webinar on Digital Twin in Smart City Application 

FHKI Group 32 (Hong Kong Automation Technology Council) has successfully held the webinar on “Digital Twins in Smart City Application” on 21 July, 2021. Guest-speaker Dr Crystal Fok (HKSTP),  Mr Mark Chen (ARUP) and Dr Huidong Bai (Envisage AR Ltd ) were invited to share insights on this topic with members.

If industry clients are looking to deploy new technology applications in the past, they often spend long time on product life cycle, manpower, resources and conduct a series of assessments and evaluations. In the era of Industry 4.0, companies use digital twins software to apply the virtual scenes into actual environment simulation on different technical assessments, so as to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of project deployment.

Our guest-speakers shared their experiences with members on different forms of "digital twins" applied in engineering and real estates, and how the big data collection behind digital twins can be used in other potential scenarios in the future. HKATC hopes that the webinar could serve a certain reference value for companies or members in their coming business decisions.

Webinar can be replayed Here ( Chinese version only ).