Ai & Robotic Workshop


FHKI Group 32 (Hong Kong Automation Technology Council) successfully held the "AI & Robotic Workshop" on 28 July 2022. Mr Roy Lim, President of Tung Hing Automation Investment Ltd and Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd team were invited to be instructors of the workshop.

The workshop aimed to enhance participants' knowledge in the operation of robots and its association with machine learning and AI, in a view to empower participants in integrating AI into businesses in real life. In the first session, Mr Roy Lim from Tung Hing Automation Investment Ltd taught members the operation of mobile robots, and the techniques in robot mapping, robot programming and applying sensors to robot operation. Then, Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd team shared the trend of machine learning and ways to make use of Azure platform in building a machine learning project in the following session. Members were guided to experience the hands-on lab with Azure.