KPMG Connecting Hong Kong and Hong Kong’s Automated Future

Below is the highlights of the report:

Connecting Hong Kong
KPMG China has launched a new report in association with CLP Holdings, JOS, Siemens and the Smart City Consortium. It features findings from a survey of more than 500 business executives and 1,000 citizens in Hong Kong on their perceptions of the city’s strengths and weaknesses as a smart city.

The publication finds that Hong Kong is viewed as performing well against other developed cities in a number of key areas, including its transport network, its healthcare system and its role as an international financial services centre. However, it has work to do in others, with the city’s technology and innovation culture the most pressing area for further development.

The survey focuses on six key sectors for Hong Kong’s smart city development, namely, transportation and mobility, finance, education, environment, healthcare, and energy and resources. Please join the seminar session to keep abreast of the latest challenges to Hong Kong’s journey to transform itself as a smart city.

Hong Kongs Automated Future: An RPA guide for finance functions

KPMG China, in association with ACCA Hong Kong, has launched Hong Kong’s Automated Future – a survey that analyses the current take-up of automation, with a particular focus on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) implementation within finance functions.

The survey features 388 responses from senior Hong Kong executives, as well as finance and accounting professionals and it reveals that Hong Kong companies may lose their competitive edge if they fail to invest in and adopt automation.

It is now a good opportunity for organisations to think through their automation strategy given that the government has introduced a number of initiatives to establish Hong Kong as a regional innovation and technology hub. This includes the recent HKD50 billion earmarked for the development of innovation and technologies.